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When buying a computer ten years ago, optical disk drives are common in both laptops and desktop assembly computers. However, with the increase of broadband speed and the popularity of mobile 4G, the optical disk used for large capacity data storage and backup is gradually marginalized. The optical disk drive, which used to be an indispensable accessory on computers, has gradually faded out of the view of consumers. So today, we will take stock of the knowledge of optical disk drive.

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 Classification of optical disk drives

1.Built in optical drive

The built-in optical disk drive is available in both desktops and laptops, but its size is different. There are two ways to place optical disks: tray type and suction type. The most common one is tray type.

2.External optical drive

The external optical disk drive is generally used in the USB port of an external laptop or desktop host, which is small and convenient to carry. Compared with the internal optical disk drive, it is more convenient and fast, and does not occupy the internal space of the computer. In addition to the common sucker type and suction type, there is also a hinge type external optical drive, but this kind of drive is rarely seen.

Related parameters of optical drive

1.Multiple speed:

The maximum read/write speed of a CD is 56X, and the maximum read/write speed of a DVD is 24X.

But now the standard speed of the popular CD is 52X, and the standard speed of the DVD is 16X

The conversion between the multiple speed of the optical drive and the theoretical value of the transmission rate is as follows:

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The basic transmission rate of 1x (1x speed) is 150KB/s.

The basic transmission rate of 4x (4 times speed) is 600KB/s.

The basic transmission rate of 8x (8 times speed)is 1200KB/s.

The basic transmission rate of 16x (16 times speed) is 2400KB/s.

The basic transmission rate of 24x (24 times speed) is 3600KB/s.

The basic transmission rate of 32x (32 times speed) is 4800KB/s.

The basic transmission rate of 40x (40 times speed) is 6000KB/s.

The basic transmission rate of 50x (50 times speed) is 7500KB/s.

The basic transmission rate of 52x (52 times speed) is 7800KB/s.

2. Type of optical drive

CD-ROM drive: It is an optical drive that can read CDs, but does not support reading DVDs.

DVD drive: It can read CDs, DVDs, and childhood VCDs.

COMBO optical drive: It can burn CDs, read CDs and DVDs.

Blu ray disc drive: It can read Blu ray discs and is compatible with CDs, DVDs, VCDs and other formats

Recording optical disk drive (here refers to optical disk drive with recording function): It is specially used to record CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW (W means rewritable), DVD-RAM, and DVD-ROM. Here, special attention should be paid to that not all optical disk drives can record these contents. The relevant scope will be specified in the manual level product introduction, and you must carefully check before purchasing.


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