Introduction of Blu-ray Disc Drive and DVD Disc Drive

2023-02-28 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Introduction to the Working Principle of Optical Drive

Optical storage has reached the Blu-ray stage so far, and the increase in capacity and speed has made us feel the progress of technology. With the development of three-dimensional volume storage technology, near-field optical technology, optical integration technology, etc., we will see more, faster, and larger-capacity optical products appear.

Dismantling structure of optical storage products

At present, neither the mainstream recorder nor the soon-to-be mainstream Blu-ray product is based on two numbers, that is, 1 and 0, and the progress of the IT industry is firmly based on these two numbers. To put it simply, the working principle of optical storage is to use laser beams to carve different concave and convex points on the disc to record data, and when reading, the light beam encounters different points to read data.

Introduction to Normal Operation Mode of Optical Drive

Constant Linear Velocity CLV It is the reading method of early optical drives. Constant linear velocity refers to the same reading speed from the inside to the outside, and in order to maintain the speed of the inner circle at the beginning, the machine will increase the speed of the disc, and when it reaches the outer circle, it will reduce the speed of the disc to match read speed.

The above is the introduction of the difference between Blu-ray optical drive and DVD optical drive. Through the above, we can basically understand the operating principle of the optical drive. Through comparison, we can also see the specific differences between Blu-ray optical drive and the current mainstream recorders. In the case of basically the same mechanical structure, The bald head design, the redesign of the main control and PCB let us see that the two products with the same appearance have different cores. 

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